Shopping in Washington DC

When you want to purchase one of those famous FBI sweatshirts or other Washington D.C. memorabilia, there is no better place to stop than Hilda's Giftshop. Hilda's Giftshop is located at 5 Thomas Cir. N.W. and features postcards, sweatshirts, shot glasses and other items that will help you remember your trip to Washington D.C. The Old Post Office Shop Pavilion the other essential gift shop that any tourist must visit. Upon entering, visitors may even be a bit overwhelmed by the walls of t-shirts that surround them. Post-cards and gag gifts can also be found at the Old Post Office Shop Pavilion.

Located at 1100 South Hayes Street, April Cornell is the "it" fashion boutique to visit when you have a dinner party to attend in D.C. April Cornell features cocktail dresses for women and young girls. For those who want to become part of the D.C. social scene during their stay, finding the perfect dress to impress D.C. social circles is easy with the April Cornell boutique. Ann Taylor is located right next door to April Cornell, and this is another fine store for women. Women can find modest and professional clothing from Ann Taylor. For the young college graduate who may be visiting D.C. for a job interview, Ann Taylor is a great store for creating an interview outfit. If a woman wants to find clothing that can be worn out for a night on the town, then Arden B. is the place to shop for sexy and chic dresses.

Macy's offers a fine selection of jewelry for men or women who are shopping around the South Hayes Street Area. If one wants to find the perfect engagement ring or other special piece of jewelry, then Bailey Banks & Biddle is another jewelry store to visit. Bailey Banks & Biddle is the oldest jewelry store in D.C. and features some stunning collections. One can have an engagement ring engraved at Bailey Banks & Biddle. Bailey Banks & Biddle is the essential jewelry store to visit for finding high-quality diamonds and other precious stones. The store also specializes in the sale of platinum jewelry. Swarovski Crystal is another high-quality jewelry store that can be found on South Hayes Street and offers a more affordable selection of fine jewelry. The crystals that are sold in this store are all original Swarovski crystal. One can also find other items such as ornaments and dishware at the store.